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What's 'Intranet Links' about?

Applications in Intranet links list are only be accessible within UNIMAS local network.  An error page 'Page cannot be displayed' will be displayed to user who tried to access outside the local network.


Why portal session expires(logged out) after logging out of Staff Directory window?              

The parent and child window (popped up window) share session cookies.  For security purposes, if you logged out from either of the windows the whole session will expire.  To avoid being logged out, you can close the child window to return to the parent window.

What if I want to hide a section of the content?

On the header bar (below the tab), you will find Personalize link.  Click this link and you will be prompted a window to enable you to show/hide any section of a page.


How to add News and Events?
You must be a UNIMAS staff to be able to add and publish News and Events in Portal UNIMAS.  Every News and Evenst added will be approved by the moderator before it is published.  To add News and Events, click on the "Add News and Events" link inside UNIMAS Application Links list.

Item Attributes

Field Description

Enter the content here. 

  • The text size can be up to 32 KB. Note that HTML tags within the text increase the size of the text item. If the text is larger than 32 KB, create another text item, or add the text as a attachment item.
  • This field provides a rich text editor where you can add text in either WYSIWYG or HTML mode. Switch between text and HTML modes by clicking .
Note:  User needs to provide url link in order to paste images to the text content.
Display Name

Enter a descriptive display name for the News or Events. Enter up to 256 characters.

Note: Users click the display name to view the item. It should be as descriptive as possible.

Description Enter a description for the item. Use up to 2000 characters of any kind.
Expiration Period


  • Never Expires to display the item indefinitely. The item is available until it is deleted or manually expired.
  • Expires In to display the item for a specific number of days after the publish date. Enter the number of days in the adjacent field.
  • Expires On to display the item until a specific date and time. Enter the date (in the format DD-MON-YYYY HH12:MI PM) in the adjacent field.

Note: When an item expires, it is no longer visible to users viewing the page. The item is still visible in Edit mode where it can be edited and unexpired if desired.

Publish Date

Enter the date on which to make the item available.

Note: When the published date is reached, the item becomes visible to users viewing the page. Until that date the item is visible only in Edit mode.


Choose the category that best describes the News or Events      
     -  General News & Events
     -  News & Events for Staff
     -  News & Events for Student

Author Enter the name of the author of the item.

Why can't I edit the Text Field and failed to send a posting?

This problem usually occurs when user used the Anjung UNIMAS link in Lotus Notes client.  Somehow the functionality of Text Field fails to run in this environment.  So, we suggest that users try to use the Internet Explorer browser instead. 

This new facility requires more clicks. How to make it easier?

Go to the UNIMAS home page or directly go to  Bookmark this page or better still set it as your default Home page.  Choose to continue and login with the valid username and password.  Look for Add News & Event link and click to add. After you are done just click Finish.  Next visit to do a new N&E posting, simply go to the bookmarked page or Home page and logs in.


How to get User ID and Passwords for HCM System – Employee Self Service?
Answer: There is a hyperlink(a yellow note pad) on the Unimas Portal website to help users apply
for the ID and Password for HCM System - Employee Self Service. Please login using your Lotus ID and web email password.

How long does it take to get the ID and password after applying through the system?
Answer: Within 1 day.  Should it took longer, please contact Nur Syauqina at ext 1138 or

What’s the difference between using Report Manager and Process Monitor to view the EC Form.
Answer: Report Manager can be used by all user/end users. Process monitor can only be used by system key users whom are system owner and developers.

Is it possible to go to Reporting Tools -> Report Manager to view the status of EC Form process?
Answer: Yes.

How long does it take to run the process?
Answer: Approximately 2 or 3 minutes. This duration varies depending on the network connection speed and number of users running the same process.

Sometimes it takes a long time to run the process.
Answer: The system needs to compile all relevant data from HCM the Payroll System (HCM submodule) before it can be presented as a PDF file.

Does Non – Citizen Contract staff have to print EC Form as well?
Answer: Yes.

How do I update my personal data which are not edittable to me?
Answer: Such update requires supporting documents and can only be done by HRM personnel.

Why must we run/print ourselves the EC Form, in fact it was more convenient if Finance Department send the EC Form to each staff, just like before?
Answer: Printing individual EC forms(1700 of them) requires extra time and man power of Payroll Unit. Since LHDN (IRB) no longer requires tax payer to submit the EC form, it is not practical to print for all staff anymore. Users can access/print their EC form any time.

Why not just request EC Form from Finance Department through e-mail, then Finance will reply and send the EC Form by e-mail as well?
Answer: Even though this approach is paperless, it still requires extra time and man power of Payroll Unit. 

Can we access Employee Self Service system from home or anywhere else as long there is internet access?
Answer: No, HCM/Employee Self Service can only be accessed within Unimas secure zone (East Campus, West Campus and Lot 77).

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